Michal Parzuchowski Ph.D.
Try: Me-how Pah-shoe-hoff-ski
Assistant Professor at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Sopot
Member of the Sopot Social Cognition Lab
Board Member of the Polish Association of Social Psychology (2016-2018)
Member of Committee of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (2015-2018)
ul. Polna 16/20 room 303
81-745 Sopot, Poland
mob. +48 600 344 101 (PL)

social cognition, person perception, morality, embodied cognition

Post-Doc (2013-2014) Post doctoral Fellow at the University of Fribourg; Psycholinguistique & Psychologie Sociale Appliquée. Advisor: Pascal Gygax, Ph. D.
Ph.D. (2003-2008) Doctoral studies at Institute of Psychology at Polish Academy of Sciences and Warsaw School of Social Psychology. Social Psychology thesis: Regulatory Consequences of Complaining (with honors). Advisor: Professor Bogdan Wojciszke.
M.A. (1998-2003). University of Gdansk. Social Psychology thesis: Functions of Private Publishing on the Internet. Advisor: Wieslaw Baryla, Ph.D.

PH.D. CO-SUPERVISION (auxiliary supervisor)
expected 2018: mgr Natalia Frankowska
2016: Dr Olga Bialobrzeska (co-supervision with prof. Bogdan Wojciszke)
2016: Dr Konrad Bocian (co-supervision with prof. Bogdan Wojciszke)

List of publications is here

List of presentations is here

Editor for:
Social Psychological Bulletin (Psychologia Spoleczna) (Co-Editor with Marcin Bukowski, Ph.D.) (2017-2022)

Ad Hoc Reviewer for:
Polish National Science Centre (NCN)
Israel Science Foundation
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: Attitudes and Social Cognition
PLoS One
Politics and the Life Science
Group Processes & Intergroup Relations
European Journal of Social Psychology
Journal of Nonverbal Behavior
British Journal of Social Psychology
Social Psychology
Polish Psychological Bulletin
Current Issues in Personality Psychology
Psychologia Spoleczna (Polish)
Studia Psychologiczne (Polish)
Psychologia – Etologia – Genetyka (Polish)

European Association of Social Psychology, Association for Psychological Science, Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Polskie Stowarzyszenie Psychologii Spolecznej

Current: ‘Research methods & statistics’ with the use of DataCamp for the Classroom; ‘Empirical Research’, ‘Social motivation’ (for undergraduate and graduate students), ‘Social Psychology’.
Past (since 2004): ‘Critical thinking’,’Academic Skills & Computer Literacy’, ‘Introduction to Social Psychology’, ‘Introduction to Statistics (for graduate and postgraduate students)’, ‘Advanced Statistics’, ‘Introduction to Research Design’ & ‘Dual model in processing social information’, ‘Group projects for local comunities’.

2016-2017: BST Research Grant, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, “Auditory spatial processing” (principal-investigator with Natalia Frankowska M.A.; #WSO/2016/B/01)
2016: FRBN Application Grant for setting up the respondents panel at SWPS University (Sona Systems)
2015: Robert Zajonc’s Award for Young Researchers awarded by Polish Society of Social Psychology (PSPS)
2014-2017: Polish Ministry of Science’s Award for Excellence in Research
2014-2015: BST Research Grant, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, “Reducing the number of outdoor advertisments” (principal-investigator with Olga Bialobrzeska M.A.; #WSO/2014/B/01)
2013-2014: Postdoctoral Fellow grant for “Gender Representation in Language: Diminutive Suffixes in Sexist Language” from Sciex-NMSch
2012-2017: Polish National Science Centre MAESTRO Grant (co-investigator with prof. Bogdan Wojciszke)
2011-2013: Research grant for “Embodied cognition: bodily primed concepts influence social behaviors” from Polish National Science Centre (#NN106424040)
2011: The SWPS Rector’s Award for Excellence in Research
2008-2009: BST Research Grant, Warsaw School of Social Psychology, “Embodied cognition” (co-investigator Aleksandra Szymkow-Sudziarska, Ph.D.)
2007: Travel grant awarded by European Association of Experimental Social Psychology for travel expenses to Austin TX to attend Summer Institute of Social Psychology
2006-2007: Doctoral grant for research program “Consequences of complaining” from Ministry of Education and Science (#1H01F00530)
2006-2007: BST Research Grant, Warsaw School of Social Psychology, “Embodied cognition” (co-investigator with Aleksandra Szymkow-Sudziarska, Ph.D.)
2003-2007: Pre-entry Fellowship at Warsaw School of Social Psychology
2003: Best business HR case study solution in nationwide contest “Grasz o Staz”, Price Waterhouse Coopers
2002-2003: University of Gdansk Scholarship

September 2014: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
May 2009: Université de Fribourg, Switzerland
October 2008: Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg at Erlangen, Germany
July 2007: University of Texas at Austin, USA

August, 2017, 19th Transfer of Knowledge Conference ESCON, Gdansk
May, 2015, 2nd Sopot Seminar in Person Perception, Sopot
September 20012, 9th Convention of Polish Association of Social Psychology, Sopot
July 2009, Summer Sopot Seminar on Warmth and Communion, Sopot
September 2006, 3rd Convention of Polish Association of Social Psychology, Gdansk

July 2007, Summer Institute in Social Psychology, University of Texas at Austin,

Writing news about scientific research for (Founder and Chief Editor), Charaktery, Polityka & Gazeta Wyborcza, translating & reviewing translations of TED Talks.